Privacy Policy

What personal information does Mileways collect?

  • We receive and store information that you provide to us via your Facebook account. That information includes the following: full name, email address, Facebook user ID, profile picture. We also receive your location when you check in/out for a certain flight (requires your permission every time when using a computer and once when using an iOS app). We do not receive your location when you are using the Service without checking in/out. 
  • The information you provide is used for creating a user profile on Mileways which will allow you to interact with your friends, earn and spend miles, as well as improving the Service and creating new features for the community. At the moment, you automatically become friends on Mileways with people who are on your friends list on Facebook. People who are not your friends on Facebook cannot see your flights.
  • Information collected automatically includes data regarding your browser or mobile platform, IP address, cookie information. At the moment Mileways does not share this information with Third Parties. In the future we may provide this information in aggregate form (not linked to a person) to our partners in order to let them know about the use of their service via Mileways. Users will be notified about any changes in Privacy Policy.
  • Information received from Third Parties only includes personal information collected via Facebook which was listed above.

How is my information shared?

  • Information visible to everyone includes your name and profile pictures, as used on Facebook. Your tips for routes and public photos are also visible for everyone. 
  • Information visible for your friends includes your name and profile picture, as used on Facebook, plus all your flights' details. Flight details include date and time of the flight, arriving and departure airport, airline. You may change privacy settings for each flight and make it visible to everyone, only you or to a customized list of friends. The default setting makes your flights visible to all your friends.
  • In your profile you may also add information about your home airport, which will also be visible only to friends.
  • Information that our partners receive is strictly limited. When you book a hotel, an apartment or a car using your Mileways voucher, you provide our partner with information that you enter on their website. By using a discount voucher you tell our partner only that you are a User of Mileways and nothing more. 
  • Shall Mileways start sharing personal data in aggregated form, Users will be notified about that and Privacy Policy will be updated.

Storing information

Mileways is headquartered in Munich, Germany and all the data is hosted on our servers in Germany. By creating Mileways account and accepting Terms and Conditions, you give your permission to transfer your personal information out of your home country and store it on our servers Germany.

Deleting account

If you wish to delete your Mileways account, you may do so by sending us an email with your request to We will make sure to delete your account immediately, which means that your profile, flights details, miles and vouchers will be permanently deleted without an option of restoring it.

Questions, comments and suggestions

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at