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Main mockup

Flight information as it should be.

Flying can and should be comfortable. Instead, in times like these, we travel with uncertainty and anxiety. We think we can do better.

We have identified the problems faced by many air travelers and translated them into a modern, contemporary user experience, finally creating the a flight tracker that will meet all your needs.



Flight information can be overwhelming. Airport information, travel times, flight numbers and hey, another gate change…

It’s easy to lose track of everything, especially if you travel regularly. Reduced to the essential and most important and delivered to you at the right time — the information provided by Mileways will always be relevant and accurate.
You can have your peace of mind.

Flight Details

As the travel date approaches, any oh so small information around a flight becomes all the more important.

Is my flight delayed? Is there a time difference? What will the weather be like? All this information is just a tap away.

Flight details



The closer the date of the next departure gets, the more important the relevant information becomes.

It’s stressful enough at the airport, so you should at least be able to rely on reliable flight updates.

From gate changes to flight cancellations — with Mileways, notifications are accurate to the second.

Beautiful Aircraft Illustrations

Mileways Exclusive

Now even in the design of your favourite airline. Curious about your aircraft? Mileways has true-to-life illustrations of your aircraft, some even with the livery of your airline.

Airport greeting sign

Less friction, more time together — even apart.

They say that our social connections define our level of happiness and longevity.

Finally you have a flight tracker that considers the local aspect of your life. Whether friends, family or colleagues — we care.

Friend's flight
Person Person Person Person Person Person

Friend's Flights

Automatically available in your feed and keeping you up to date. No more messages like “Send me your flight details” or “My flight is delayed!”
And in case you have a flight you don’t want to announce, you can choose who can see your data with a quick tap on the privacy settings.

Airport greeting sign

Airport Greeting Sign

If you ever want to pick up a close acquaintance or a business contact from the airport, Mileways has a built-in welcome sign mode that will make you stand out in the queue. All important information such as name is displayed like a banner — large and legible.

Web Sharing

Your friends and family can follow your flight not only through the iOS app, but from any platform using the Web Sharing feature. Great for staying connected even through other devices.

Web Sharing

Well-thought-out, down to the last detail.

Due to the complexity of data, it is not easy to build an insightful and a simple product at the same time.

However, we have gone the extra mile and dedicated ourselves to every detail, no matter how small.

Flight Search

Would you like to add the flight from the comfort of your couch or do you already have the flight number on your clipboard? Or would you rather scan the code directly from the ticket?
No problem, with Mileways everything is possible.

Flight details

Calendar Export

Even outside the app, smart features like calendar export keep you informed and on top of your agenda. Especially helpful for busy people with full schedules.

Flight details


All information about the next flight at a glance.


Aircraft Illustrations

For the nerds among us, true-to-life images of the aircraft are displayed in the flight details.



How far have I already flown in my life? Thanks to detailed statistics, one becomes much more aware of one’s own flight behavior, thus evaluating possibilities for sustainability.


Airline Logos

With a collection of over 350 colorful airline logos, navigating the app is 1.000× easier.

Airline logos

App Icons

Pick one, make it yours.

App Icons

Country flags

Over 230 hand-drawn country flags optimized for mobile devices contribute to even better orientation.

Country flags