About Mileways

There is such a lot of world to see.

During the past three decades traveling by plane has become much more affordable and a common mode of transport for a broad audience. The global economy has expanded in to every niche of our planet affecting business travellers in particular. But despite the efforts of airlines and other closely related companies to improve the overall experience, flying is still an ambiguous endeavor

„One thing is absolutely certain: the passenger market will expand and diversify beyond our wildest dreams by 2050.“

From „Vision 2050“ by IATA.org

On the one hand it’s the miracle of flying in the air covering thousands of miles with near supersonic speed while comfortably sitting in a chair surfing on the internet. On the other hand frequent flyers still spend a considerable amount of time, money and energy to optimize their personal travel lifestyle. However, monotonous waiting routines, tight transportation schedules, temporary but regular abandonment of personal social structures and other phenomena affecting the „airborne“ workforce are not explicitly addressed by existing services and business models.

Turn every flight into a pleasant and entertaining experience.

Our vision is to make flying an exciting, insightful and stressless experience by connecting people and by providing the right information and services to address the specific needs of air travellers.

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